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About WV APT

Purpose of WV APT

Mission Objectives:

  • To provide on-going professional development for its members.
  • To promote training, research, and development of materials which further the practice of play therapy.
  • Provide a forum for active communication and networking.
  • Inform and educate the general public and the mental health community concerning the role of play therapy in referral, assessment, and treatment.
  • Advance high standards of professional conduct in response to possible unethical conduct of play therapy practitioners.
  • Advocate for the rights of children, their families, and significant others.


 Board of Directors:


The board of directors meets approximately once monthly on the second Tuesday of every month at 12pm.

We meet via  teleconference. 

The West Virginia Association for Play Therapy is the state branch affiliated with the Association for Play Therapy.


Mission Statement:


The West Virginia Association for Play Therapy holds as its mission to be  branch of the Association for Play Therapy in West Virginia, thereby promoting to psychotherapists and to the public at large when deemed necessary, the understanding of play and play therapy as a valid and worthwhile therapuetic practice.


WV APT further holds as its mission to provide psychotherapists in West Virginia tha ability to obtain accessible, affordable, and appropriate training, guidance, and support in play therapy.


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Useful links:


RPT, RPT-S, SB-RPT Standards and Application
Transcript Review Request Form

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